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We have designed a service for investing, as opposed to active trading. Given low level of financial literacy among general public, our solution is intended to not only simplify the investing process, but also accompany our clients, providing them with essential expertise and guidance from professionals, in order to maximise your future chances of success.

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SecureWe implement efficient mechanisms from one of the leading brokerage firms in order to protect your assets.

EasyInvesting has become as simple as shopping online.

EngagingEnhance your knowledge and become professional with the help of our gamified educational service.

ConvenientNo minimal entrance and cards from any bank are accepted. Instantaneously, 24/7. Open an account with just you passport photo.

PersonalisedThe recommendation system will assess your risk profile and select relevant investment opportunities.

Not Forex tradingYou become the legal owner of purchased financial instruments and receive dividends of the held securities.


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